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Lie With Me - Sabine Durrant

Sent to me by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Release Date: 23/03/17

Publisher: Mulholland Books

ISBN: 978-1473608320

Format: Paperback, 295pp

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Rating: 4/5

Summed up in a word:

First Impressions: Welcome to my stop on the #LieWithMe blog tour. Thank you to Veronique at Mulholland Books for extending the blog tour so I can be included, I am very grateful for that. Lie With Me has been turning heads for months now. The first few pages of the proof I received are packed with great feedback and praise for the book so I was eager to get involved and see for myself. I am happy to report that the hype is well deserved, Lie With Me is a gripping, dramatic and gut twisting novel that drags you into a story of bad decisions, manipulation and dangerous consequences. Sabine Durrant is a well published author, a master of building tension and a compelling story teller.

Book Synopsis: Paul Morris is running out of money, friends and second chances. His literary success of his early 20s is now a distant memory and his new relationship might be his last hope of happiness.

Alice is not like any of the women he's pursued in the past: wealthy, lonely, driven and with links to the heady days of his youth. When Alice invites Paul to her holiday home in Greece with friends and family, he decides to do whatever it takes to make the romance stick.

But the summer is not the idyll he had planned: members of the party seem far from happy about Paul’s presence and soon the pool becomes a tableau of tension and unspoken grudges.

To further aggravate the situation, ten years ago, a thirteen-year-old girl went missing on the island, and now a fresh sighting and another attack unsettle the long hot days. It soon becomes apparent that Paul is not the only person with an agenda... and his dreams of a life worth living may yet turn into a nightmare he cannot escape. (Official Mulholland Synopsis)

The Review - Choices have consequences, and no matter how long it takes, you'll have to face them eventually.

If you like drama, thrills and a plot loaded with twists then you will love Lie With Me. There is so much going on in this novel and at the centre of it is Paul Morris. Paul had a brief brush with fame as a writer in his 20's and has been living off the hype well into his 40's. The cushy life he has been leading has come to an end, leaving Paul alone, homeless and skint. He finds hope of a comeback when he bumps into Andrew, an old friend from his time at university. At a dinner party hosted Andrew, Paul is introduced to Alice and they hit it off almost immediately. 

Paul sees his chance for a relationship and all the luxuries it comes with like money, a home and gratitude. Paul pushes himself into Alice's life and she seems to accept him fully. Andrew, Alice and their families are going on their usual yearly holiday to Greece and Paul wants in on a free holiday. They are going to oversee the 10th anniversary of Jasmine's disappearance and attempt one last to find her or her body. Paul manages to convince Alice to let him come along at the last minute, and after a 17 hour flight, a bus journey and a long trek he finds himself at their holiday home and ready for a great time. But no money, a web of lies, an aggravated family and incidents of violence give Paul cause for concern and soon he is in the police's crosshairs.

Lie With Me is intense, Paul is not a good person and that is clear from the beginning. He has history with Andrew that he refuses to acknowledge, he was there the night that Jasmine went missing in Greece and he is desperate to continue his lifestyle no matter what. Sabine Durrant has developed this story perfectly, giving Paul all the advantage and control to start with and slowly chipping it away day by day. We see the story from the first person perspective of Paul so we only get to see what he chooses to acknowledge, which is infuriating at times because we all know what is going on but he is to full of himself to realise. If you like to see people get their comeuppance then you will love this book.

There is so much going on in this novel, it is definitely worth your time and money. The main plot covers Paul experience with Alice and the sub-plots take us through the disappearance 10 years ago, Paul and Andrews dark history and Paul constant need to lie and be above everyone else. I had a pit in my stomach the whole way through this book, it is nail bitingly tense at times, but seeing Paul tie himself in knots is also quite fun as well. 

We see all the characters of the book through Paul's eyes, this limits our understanding of them and their true motives, so this is more of a plot driven novel. There are several key themes including lies, manipulation, violence and revenge. The tone/atmosphere is forever jumping between bright/breezy to tense, uncomfortable or abrasive.

Overall I recommend Lie With Me to readers who enjoy dark, tense plot-lines and the thrills of revenge. Lie With Me is a medium length novel, the writing is efficient and SD has amazing talent. She can build a plot up and then break it back down with a cascade of potent reveals and intense twists. Thank you for visiting my stop on the Lie With Me blog tour. 

Pick up a copy of Lie With Me here: Mulholland Books/Amazon UK/Goodreads 

About the Author: Sabine Durrant is the author of two psychological thrillers, Under Your Skin and Remember Me This Way. Her previous novels are Having It and Eating It and The Great Indoors, and two books for teenage girls, Cross Your Heart, Connie Pickles and Ooh La La! Connie Pickles. She is a former features editor of the Guardian and a former literary editor at the Sunday Times, and her writing has appeared in many national newspapers and magazines. She lives in south London with her partner and their three children. (Official Mulholland Author Bio. Picture copyright: Mark Mawson)

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